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The world's first machine AI technology for early warning and prevention of critical road accidents, for immediate implementation and use in any surrounding and any weather. Without radars, sensors, cameras, image processing or any other special accessories, Vectoraic's pioneering proprietary software algorithms perform detailed interpretations of the vectors field in order to anticipate possible collisions between vehicles, pedestrians, or any other mobile object on the road.

To see what others cannot

Vectoraic’s key patent is the realization that true safety can be achieved only by predicting and eliminating the hazardous situation well in advance. Using a high performance, super fast, low consumption algorithm, and letting the backend handle all the logic and analysis, Vectoraic’s solution keeps the client as "thin" as possible, agile and low on power and data consumption.

The innovative Multiple Dynamic Smart Vectors (MDSV) is the key idea and the enabler of analyzing and predicting hazardous
situations in the road while all clients (cars, buses, pedestrians etc.) contribute to the analysis and to the accuracy of Vectoraic’s predictions.

The number of vectors for each client, the vectors' length and their directions determines the user's hazard factor, and Vectoraic will analyze how risky this user is to all other users in the immediate area. The more users, the more data and the better the system functions.


Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Thinking ahead and looking ahead, even without line of sight
Urban Environment Urban Environment

Urban Environment

All moving things communicating to help prevent accidents
Fleets Fleets


Sharing information to help you through the day
Complexes Complexes


Better communication among all moving things
Smart Cities Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Making cities smarter and more informed with critical data
Everywhere Everywhere


Sharing is preventing

See the difference

Autonomous vehicles are developing rapidly, but all existing solutions rely on onboard cameras, radars and sensors. Aside from the time they take to calculate the huge amount of data coming at them from all angles, their main drawback is line of sight – they can only compute obstructions and dangers they can see physically. Buildings, hills and even extreme weather conditions leave them blind and useless.
Vectoraic's breakthrough solution sees around corners and offers so many other critical advantages:


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